Above all, I want to thank the members of the Association of the Descendants of Pierre Miville for supporting my candidacy and the administrative board for my nomination to the presidency of our Association. I do know that the task at hand is not an easy one. I have to fill very large shoes, those of Marc, our outgoing president. Fortunately for me, he is not far and this will allow a smoother transition.

Above all, I want to thank, in the name of our new administrative board for 2013-2014, the organizing committee of our 25th anniversary reunion for a monumental achievement. It was a memorable event on our own ancestor's premises and land. It was a gathering with cultural, historical and genealogical content. A very special thank you to Abbot Luc Deschênes, Honorary President, for the continued interest shown to our Association. I would also like to thank Alain Paradis, our interesting animator, Mayor Michel Castonguay of Saint-Roch, and Pierrette Maurais, ethnologist and archivist from the South-Coast Historical Society, for their participation at our reunion. Many thanks also to all those who made our gathering a success. They are: Monique Miville-Dèchène, author; Raymond Ouimet, historian; Gaston Deschênes, historian; Clément Morneau, president of the local organizing committee; Marie Deschênes; Colette Pelletier and all other volunteers who contributed so generously.

For their work, devotion and availability, thanks must also be directed to Gemma Lévesque-Deschênes, Marie-Paule Deschênes, Fernand Miville and Huguette Lalonde-Huryn, members of the board who have retired this year. A very special mention to Gemma Lévesque-Deschênes who stayed very much involved in spite of health problems. Let us not forget Huguette Lalonde-Huryn and Ghislaine Théroux-Memme for the great achievement of the genealogical dictionary. This accomplishment was due to their tenacity, courage and readiness to leave a great contribution to the heritage of our association, a history that is ours and we are proud.

Finally, it is fitting to repeat Marc's last message, as each and every one of us is responsible for our association's survival, which has experienced more glorious years in membership size. If it is to recover, it will need to see a greater number of membership renewals.

As the Fall season is already upon us and Christmas is quickly approaching, let me address, in the name of our administrative board, our very best Christmas wishes to all our members, their families and friends.

All this is experienced in calm waters or in rough seas, as is the life of each of us, with a stern rudder and with the overall desire to have our ancestors' history known and to show them respect.

Lynn Deschênes, President

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