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In 1994, the Association published an important directory of births, marriages and deaths of the descendants of Pierre Miville, under the responsibility of Suzanne Miville Deschênes and the contribution of many volunteers. With all the work done in our data bank since then, your Governing Board is of the opinion that it is time to publish a new genealogical dictionary for our 25th anniversary, under the responsibility of Huguette Lalonde-Huryn and the precious collaboration of Suzanne Miville-Deschênes, Ghislaine Théroux, Françoise Blanchette, Gemma Lévesque-Deschênes, Victor Mainville, Jerome Fourre and many other volunteers.

This very important book, has nearly 2000 pages and contains the genealogical data of approximately 30,000 names. A recent cost estimate indicates that the production costs will be as follows:

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