The Association

The association "Les descendants de Pierre Miville" was established on the 28th of March 1987, following an invitation made through the media to all those bearing the family names derived from Miville. About 15 people responded and participated in the founding of the Association.

Our Association was legally established by patent letters dated April 6, 1987, in accordance with part three of the Companies Act of the Province of Québec (LRQ, C-38).

The Association is a non-profit organization, member since July 2018 of the Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogie.

General information

  • Incorporation: April 6, 1987
  • Members in good standing: Approximately 140
  • General assembly: Summertime
  • Journal: Le Fribourgeois
  • Coat of Arms: yes
  • Flag: no
  • Theme song: yes
  • Motto:"S'unir pour construire" (Joining forces to build)

We are member of the Fédération québécoise
des sociétés de généalogie.

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